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You need a Google Account.

Quick Help

You can find quick descriptions of how to perform several tasks on the Quick Help page.

When logged in, you can find this link in the bar across the top.

What is it?

6 times 9 Media Library is an online application that allows you to build up a list of all your various media (DVDs, CDs, video games, etc.), categorise them by type, rate them, and keep track of any Items that you've lent to friends.

The Types can be anything you want, so there's no limit to the sorts of Items you can track; be as specific or as general as you like.

Where do I sign up?

You don't need to register specifically for this; all you need is a free Google Account and you can log in and start cataloguing right away.

What's this about lending?

If you lend an Item to a friend, you can enter their email address into the system to record that you've lent it to someone. This means you can easily keep track of where things are if you've lent Items to several people.

If the other person has a Google Account, and that's the email address you enter into the system, then when they log in they'll see your Item in their "Borrowed Items" list. Similarly, if someone else enters your email address for an Item, then you'll see it as well. This way no one will forget what belongs to whom.

If you aren't borrowing anything, you won't see the "Borrowed Items" list; if you are, then it will be below your "My Items" list.